Corporate Training



Our services demonstrate how to effectively use information technology to address your work and career development requirements. We focus on using our rare gift in effective human modeling to equip trainees with skills and knowledge in IT, including people who until they come in contact with us could be described as lacking in any form of technical talent or potential.

We realize that in an economy such as ours, the best way to create wealth is to empower through what we call ‘Easily Practicable Skill Acquisition’ (EPSA). Skills which beneficiaries can easily use as capital to earn a living as entrepreneurs. This solves the problem of capital for starting a business which is usually the primary problem for individuals who wish to set up small/medium scale (SME) enterprises in Nigeria.

MONDRAIM was actively involved in the design, planning and take-off of the Multi-million Naira Katsina Youth Craft Centre and remain resource consultants till date to the Centre through the Department of Science and Technology, Katsina State. Mondraim partners with NYSC on their SAED program as a registered training company;  DFID-MAFITA empowerment projects in Nortern Nigeria among many other sponsored corporate training engagements.

We provide skill-based training to various categories of clientele. Training is our major strength and part of our corporate mission is to train Individuals, corporate clients, state-wide/community empowerment schemes and so on, in the following Information Technology areas:

 Networking Technology and Technical Support

 Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs Skills


 Computer Hardware Integration, Repairs and Maintenance

Custom Designed Training For Corporate Clientele

 Life / Business Coaching 

At MONDRAIM our unique and efficiently adapted mode of training could be summed up thus; ‘we can teach a toddler to use a computer’ !

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