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It is no longer news that Nokia is currently owned by HMD Global. How many people want to see a re-born Nokia brand in the smartphone ecosystem packing more ...

Kai-Fu Lee, chairman of Sinovation's keynote at MIT’s AI and the Future of Work event is very bullish about the future of AI in China. He is predicting that self-driving cars will become a mass phenomenon in the U.S. in 15 to 20 years, but in China it will be “more like 10 years.”

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We haven't gotten our hands yet on the new iPhone X talk less of a tear-down (sure we will, soon in all our service centers) but iFixit already did. The odd new battery 


I love robots and robotics technology! Saudi Arabia just achieved a first in this area by granting full citizenship rights to Sophia - the first human robot to enjoy such.

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A YouTube vlogger posted a video showing off her dad's iPhone X, Apple responded by firing the engineer. What could be the reason?

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