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This is as reported by Business Insider, An estimated $280 million worth of the cryptocurrency ethereum is currently locked up thanks to one person's mistake.

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What are the biggest concerns you have when considering choices for home surveillance cameras? One great feature any home should have in this century should be 


Did you know your monitor might also be hacked and used against you? At least it's common knowledge that a computer system could be compromised but not what

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There's a bug in Apple's iOS 11.1 that automatically changes the letter "i" to an "A" with a question mark in a box. Telegraph reports that an update to the iOS has

Some viral news has been making the rounds that the social media app was going to shutdown. Who started this crap? Well....


Sometimes there's a need to track or monitor your phone or family member either for safety reasons or other reasons. There are a great number of these apps out there

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