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Are you one of those yet to join the cryptocurrency trade? Maybe you are or not but learn one or two things from this article to be ahead with information. Join the 


Bill Gates is an enigma, a towering colossus in the tech industry; he is an institution already and has been number one on the Forbes rich list, in 17 out of the last 22


You know if there's a tinge of technology involved, we'll bring it to you. Where are the slay mamas and queens? A popular nail technician named Park Eunkyung from


A fortnight ago, we reported about the problem users were encountering with the new iOS 11.1 and how one can bypass the bug with a temporary but working fix.


Some weeks back we reported that Twitter intends to increase the character limit to tweets. Well now you have it as this report from Twitter confirms. 



Are you like me? I have looked at Snapchat but couldn't make a meaning out of how it can benefit me as a social media app and so not interested. It really holds no

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