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Have you heard that up to 700 apps in the enterprise mobile environment, including more than 170 that were live in official app stores,...


It happened in 1999 with the dot-com boom, and it looks like it might happen yet again. Read this detailed excerpts from an article by Jim Edwards, Founding editor, Business Insider UK. Very long read but also very insightful.


Armis has revealed that billions of voice-activated Internet of Things devices may be subject to external attack due to


Yesterday, Tuesday November 21, 2017, Facebook improved the photo quality of its messaging apps with the announcement of 4K support for Messenger.


There are two great choices available now to own a copy. Choose one! Any choice you make will end up making you own a copy and... 


The Chinese are not left out. Here's their own robot but you know what? It's less than the size of humans at just 20 inches and that's not fair is it?

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