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Andela, the remarkable software development company based in Africa and backed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, has raised a further $40-million in...


It’s easy to feel pressured in a fast-paced, busy workplace and become overwhelmed by the tasks that keep piling up. On top of that, technological distractions and the constant whirring of our own minds deprive us of focus. As a result,


The most relevant and important question consumers should ask when deciding what laptop or desktop PC to buy is "Which CPU Should You Buy?". In the PC market today,


The Facebook Virtual Reality, VR Oculus 4 conference held some few hours ago and for watchers of where the world is headed through technology, here are some highlights

Italdesign and the aerospace industry leader Airbus unveiled Pop.Up...


Amazon has announced today a new model of her Oasis Kindle e-reader.  This model is scheduled to 

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