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A New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo wrote out a strategy to keep all your technology future-proof in a rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, AI environment.


This young Amazon took off on a quest, and it's not the usual bum shaking, slaying queen or nude queen quest

Shoppers roam through an Amazon Go store in April. The automated grocery, which had been restricted to Amazon employees, will be open to the public starting Monday.

Elaine Thompson/AP


Automation is growing, with advances in artificial intelligence - AI. One wonders what the unemployment situation


Earlier, we reported how a new WhatsApp app for business is planned for launch. Now it's here. This new app will


An asteroid named 2002 AJ129 will pass within about 2.6 million miles of Earth on February 4. It is estimated to 


Concerns about the dangers of technology or its addiction is growing in recent times. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is 

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