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Technology has more good to offer than evil and this is what the British government's successful leverage of Artificial Intelligence to combat

the scourge of media coverage given to dastardly ISIS beheading videos has shown. 

Deploying the sum of a whopping 600, 000 Pounds Sterling to ASI Data Science, the technology was developed. Announcing the launch of this AI software on Tuesday morning, the British Home Office claims that it can detect ISIS propaganda videos with 99.995% accuracy and block them from being published. It also helps small platforms protect themselves from inadvertently spreading extremist material.

It was developed by ASI Data Science, a tech firm in London which was given £600,000 ($834,000) of public money for the project.




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This software will be handed over for free as the fight against extremist material online steps up a gear, with the target on small publishers since it is assumed big one have invested in policing their content. 




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