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A new crowdfunding website aimed at Nigerians has launched to help raise money online for any purpose and is an alternative to GoFundMe that requires foreign banking documents. And what is the name?





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If you wish to launch a campaign on the website and share it across all social media platforms using the social media sharing tools available, the user has only to register and have a Nigerian bank account.

Donations to campaigns are remitted to the campaign creators’ bank accounts without any extra action required from them and campaigns are only subjected to fees when donations are made.

Naijafund crowdfunding platform has over twenty-five campaign categories but popular categories including; Medical, Education, and Business. In recent times, there has been a rise in fundraising campaigns in the politics category.

“This is not surprising since the political campaigns for the 2019 General Elections are fast approaching,” said the CEO and Founder Amaka Osemene.

With Naijafund, users on the crowdfunding platform are exposed to philanthropic individuals and organizations that they ordinarily wouldn’t have had access to.


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