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Experts from Google have identified 5 reasons start-up businesses in Africa fail to scale their business operations successfully. These discoveries were made during Google's launch of its ongoing

Global Accelerator and Launchpad Programme in San Francisco, the United States on Wednesday, February 7.

Some of the issues included;

  • Lack of product scalability
  • Poor mentorship
  • Access to finances
  • Connectivity
  • Market size, and
  • Changing consumer needs.




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Google’s Product Manager Or Zelig said, "being a startup could be very challenging, especially when funding products differentiation, the culture of the country, and company to be considered.”

As a result, he advised that startups must be dynamic and needed to change the way people consume products and services. Also, creating a business that does not have qualities that can change consumption patterns is a problem.

Or Zelig said, “Launch Pad is Google’s global acceleration initiative. We use it to help startups build good companies and match them with the best companies globally,” he stated.

Google particularly mentioned that startups from emerging markets like Nigeria are the next focus of the company. This is regarding especially those start-ups that will enhance reaching the next billion.


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