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Have you experienced any form of apprehension when using the UBER service or any of the taxi drop services available?

This safety measures Uber recommends can help you avoid getting yourself or your Uber driver into trouble. They could also serve as a guide when making use of other transport services within various cities across the world.


Uber Safety: Tip 1

Be sure to select a safe spot as your pickup location. Uber’s technology enables the service to determine where you’re waiting and then pick you up from that drop pin. Make sure you choose an area where you feel safe to wait for your Uber to collect you as you may have to wait a few minutes.


Uber Safety: Tip 2

Check your Uber driver’s profile and the Uber car’s details. Be sure to match the vehicles registration number, which appears on the app, to the Uber car which fetches you. Ask the driver what his name is, that's an extra Uber safety measure and cross-reference with the name appearing on the app. There will also be a picture of your Uber driver on the app which you can match with the driver who comes to collect you.


Uber Safety: Tip 3

It’s a good Uber safety practice to let a friend or family member know once you’ve started your trip and let them know when you’ve reached your destination safely. You can even share your trip with a family member or friend, which allows them to track your ride and ensure you’re safe.




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Uber Safety: Tip 4

Don’t use cash. Although Uber has a cash option, we advise that you don’t use cash, as this makes you an easy target for fraud or theft. If you use the credit card payment option, your trip will be automatically deducted and you will be provided with an invoice and receipt.


Uber Safety: Tip 5

Don’t distract your driver. You may have taken Uber for different reasons, but the most common reason is when you’re unable to drive due to intoxication. Taking an Uber when you’re too intoxicated to drive is an amazingly responsibly choice, but don’t be THAT passenger. Just sit in the backseat and ensure you’re going the right way. Don’t talk too much to the driver and don’t be a distraction in the car.




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