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Photo Credit: Getty

There were several things we did differently before smartphones appeared on the scene. And here is one of those 

things as depicted in these photos differentiating the different generations of humans and how they did it. Compare how we kept up with the news then as depicted in the first image and the one below. Did I hear Lol?


Photo Credit: Getty

A smartphone is a great tool and has enormously improved and simplified our lives. But before smartphones, we used to do certain things very differently. Let's check the list below:

  1. Had to be or wait beside a phone to receive calls - now you have a phone with you all the time and gets notified of missed calls
  2. One Phone for many - now it is personal
  3. We used paper maps - now we have digital maps on our phones and GPS
  4. Had cameras - now it's integrated into all smartphones
  5. Depende on PCs for Facebook, email and other social media engagement - now it's all in your pocket via the smartphone
  6. Bought CD-ROMs for music - now streamed on your smartphones

And so on....




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