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Just like the Biblical day before the judgment throne, do you know that your entire Google search history can be laid 

out before you - the good and the bad - any day?. Don't panic yet. Only by anyone with access to your Google account login details. You can view each Google search you made, what it was for and even the date and time such searches were made.

Google is actually saving all of this data to ensure that your Google experience is unique while meeting your needs. Once you access these logs, however, you can delete certain items or even entire logs and whatever data that is associated with your account.

Now here's how to find your history:

Visit My Activity - [] - and log into your Google Account. Once you are on that dashboard, you can view every item you have searched on Google, ever. You can go back several years if you use the filter by date option. If you find some embarrassing stuff as you go back in time, you can delete them. Lol.


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Google, as we all may agree, has grown into one of the largest tech giants in the world. Its search engine is one of the most recognizable and used websites in the world today, with billions of people performing a Google search at every instant. It is said that (unverified) Google handles around 2 trillion searches per year. If you run a simple maths calculation, that will give you about 63,000 searches per second. That's huge! 

Ok, give an account of your life on Google today! You have another 360 days book page before you this year. Fill it up with good stuff after you wipe your slate clean. You may have to take into account that the data logged for you help Google serve you with goodies online, so save the good stuff if you can.

Google remains a top-notch resource. Use it to your advantage this year.




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