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Woww...It's been a season of blistering attacks on the young tech billionaire, Mr. Zuckerberg's Facebook whereby everyone from government to the guy on the street is criticising the

social media platform for a whole lot of woes in the society from fake news to unhealthy tech addictions and in some quarters, increasing infidelity in relationships - whoa whoa whoa that's bullsh*t right?

Well, it's also getting to Mark. He is I guess a conscientious businessman, putting the world's good to greater consideration than just making money. Facebook has spent the last several months working to eliminate fake news from users' feeds and counterclaims that the platform is addictive.




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A survey conducted by the research company Honest Data, of 2,000 Americans showed people believe Facebook has more negative effects on society than Walmart or McDonald's. In the survey,  people were asked to single out from a list of companies, which one of them they felt had the worst impacts on society. The companies included Marlboro, Walmart, Facebook, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola.

Facebook fit that criterion for 27% of respondents, coming in second behind Marlboro, which 43% of people said had negative effects. McDonald's and Walmart came in at 21% and 18%, respectively, while 36% of people said "None of the above."

The founder of Honest Data, Tavis McGinn wrote on LinkedIn that the findings weren't entirely surprising, given how much negative press Facebook has received in recent months. He said "In the social sphere, people began to question the long-term impact of Facebook on the psychological well-being of users," noting that violent crimes and suicide have been broadcast on Facebook Live and that former Facebook executives have publicly condemned the platform as addictive and socially destructive. Wow!...that's a hit there.

The psychology research supports some of these claims. Studies have shown that heavy users of social media display greater rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. The studies have managed to show the two factors aren't just correlated; social media appears to lead to negatives feelings.

McGinn observed that "Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, initially dismissed some of these concerns as a 'crazy idea' and instead tried promote the benefits of his social network,".

Although recently, in defense, Zuckerberg claimed people were now spending 50 million fewer hours on Facebook due to various changes to the site.




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"But eventually, public opinion and dissatisfaction grew too loud to ignore," McGinn wrote.

There is also a separate survey asking people which tech companies had negative effects on society found Facebook was the most common answer, followed closely by Twitter. Google, Netflix, and LinkedIn fell much further behind.


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