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BlackBerry, it seems may become the most important mobile company of the future!

I guess you must be thinking, "Ah! Blackberry has gone under as the production of mobile smartphones has ceased. But Blackberry as a company is not dead. Although Blackberry phones left the market, the company fell out of sight but actually operating behind the scenes, moving into industries like automotive. Also, Blackberry remains the leading vendor providing mobile security to our politicians, military personnel and major corporations. Oh yes! and that's a market that holds huge potential.

How? You may ask.

We are moving into an era ( or already are) when our smartphones become our key to everything, the machines around us are highly connected, mobile, and increasingly have our lives in their hands. Therefore the security of these things has become a critical weakness.

If you look at autonomous cars for instance, assuming a hostile agency were able to gain control over a critical mass of them, the potential for loss of life on a national scale could make any other man-made or natural disaster look trivial by comparison.

Rob Enderle told a story where he spent the last several days at a BlackBerry analyst event in New York. According to him, "I think the company is more important than Apple is to our future, I think it is more important to Apple than Apple realizes."


How Critical is Smartphone Security?


Very critical I must say. Here's the thing; our smartphones are increasingly becoming the virtual version of us all. Take a small inventory;

  • We shop on our smartphones;
  • We communicate on our smartphones;
  • Smartphones are becoming the replacement for our wallets and credit cards;
  • Some applications require that we unlock our homes and cars with them;
  • Security CCTVs are even linked to them;
  • For some of us, banking is done through our smartphones;


Now tell me how long, if the trends in place now continue, before all we'll need is our cellphone to access everything from our bank accounts to our medical records. It is becoming the virtual us.


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The problem then in all this is that if our phone becomes compromised, someone else suddenly could have at least as much control over all our resources as we do. With that control, someone not only could take control but also could deny us access to our own things. We could wake up one morning with no ability to operate anything in our homes, access our car, or even get into work. If that happened while we were away, we wouldn't be able to get back inside our own home.

With one virtual move, we could effectively be erased and replaced digitally. Today it takes around a year and US$250K to get an identity secured after it has been stolen, but in an unsecured future, we might be barred from the resources we'd need to get our identity back. Wow!

Another increasing trend is the ability to work remotely and perhaps never actually meet anyone we work with on a regular basis. Then, the ease of digitizing and cloning images. Now, imagine a growing problem of people becoming homeless -- or worse, losing their lives -- because they were denied access to the things they needed to keep them alive?

Blackberry therefore has chosen security. Securing these things is what BlackBerry does. It remains the company most focused on this problem, and its products and services are the most widely used.

So, always understand that situations change and when change happens, it is time to re-strategize and look into better ways to serve, for life is about offering useful service.


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