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Amazon has announced today a new model of her Oasis Kindle e-reader.  This model is scheduled to 

ship on Oct. 31, 2017 and includes design modifications to a larger 7-inch screen, water-resistance, and support for Audible, the Amazon-owned audio book service. Good news! It costs less than its predecessor at $249.99 (N91,750.00) instead of $289.99 (N106, 430.00) when it launched last year.

Now what changed?

  • The battery is integrated into the e-reader itself, discarding the use of an accompanying charging cover in order to experience the e-reader's full battery life unlike the older model which has battery separate in a charging case.
  • The updated Kindle Oasis can replenish its battery in two hours when being charged, while the older one would take three hours.
  • Bigger screen
  • 12 LED lights than previous 10
  • Water resistant

I hope book readers will appreciate this latest addition!

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