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Are you a busy executive, busy mum,...just busy busy bee kind of person with a ton of things on your to-do list that usually don't get done or 50% done at the end of the day? Here are a few tips...

to get you started on your way to getting superbly organized in a digital way.

1. Capture - Why not capture your tasks in a notebook, an online task management tool, a physical inbox, or whatever method you choose, writing down absolutely everything that’s dividing your attention right now. Big tasks, small tasks; personal and professional, practical and pie-in-the-sky — projects, plans, and to-dos should be captured in this way. Make sure to get all that clutter out of your head and into a concrete format before you can start to properly engage with it.

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2. Analize - When you have collected everything and recorded it in some trusted place, it’s time to figure out what it all means. Sift through the list one after another and filter the tasks according to the following evaluating question; 'What is possible or not, immediately?” If it’s not possible right now, then either decide to get rid of it or file it for reference at a later time. If it's possible immediately, decide what next step you can take to get close to completing this task. If it takes less than 2 minutes for instance, do it right away else, delegate where possible, or put it on a task list you can revisit when you can.


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3. Organize - Whenever you have a lot of tasks lined up, don't just dive in straight away. It’s normal to just start working rather than taking the time you need to sit down and properly organize yourself. However, by prioritizing your organizing time, you’ll develop a clearer idea of exactly what you need to do next, and will get through your work faster. Make a series of lists and divide your tasks appropriately. For instance, decide on emails to send, phone calls to make, articles to write and so on. If there’s any task that requires a few steps, break down each one into its constituent parts.

4. Reflect - Organized lists are all well and good but if you don’t review them frequently, you’ll just become a compulsive list maker which isn’t productive either! As often as necessary, scan through your lists to help you figure out what’s the most pressing thing you need to do next. This frequent reflection and reassessment will help you to properly prioritize your tasks, thereby avoiding the dreaded teetering pile of to-dos you should have completed weeks ago.


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5. Engage - Use what you've developed! Having set up a great system to help yourself perform at your peak, then make use of it. Ticking things off in order of priority will help you to gain a sense of fulfillment every day, and will make sure that you’re speeding through your work like it’s nobody’s business. Don’t forget — Little accomplishments rubs off on you with a great feeling. The more you get little tasks completed, the more you get that 'feel good' tickle. Then it becomes a habit. The rest is easy!

Have a great day ahead...

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