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According to newss reports from TechCrunch, some buyers of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have suggested there could be an issue with the battery inside some of the devices swelling, causing ...

the case of Apple’s new iPhone to split open and expose the smartphone’s internals.

                                                                                                     Photo: Engadget

Apple has now confirmed it is looking into it, although a spokeswoman declined to comment further when asked how many devices are affected.

Another media company, CNET rounded up the few reports that is making the rounds that there are at least six different reports in at least five countries of the iPhone 8 splitting along its seams. This is bad news for Apple as a similar bug crippled the sales of Samsung when Galaxy Note 7 smartphone batteries were exploding and catching fire, leading to the recall of all Note 7 handsets at great expense.

Reuters today, also noted a report in Chinese state media of an iPhone buyer claiming a newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on October 5, though apparently without any signs of scorching or an explosion. This iPhone 8 issue appears to be limited to batteries bloating/swelling, rather than catching fire — at least as reported so far.

 Although the phone only went on sale on September 22 so it’s still early days for the device.


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IPhone is over rated

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