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Have you always been frustrated like me, opening up a series of web browsers on my phone and doing some work, then decides to get comfortable in the office or at home


The Facebook-owned social media app has been updated with a new feature implementation that provides end-to-end encrypted location sharing and tracking that helps you notify friends and family of your...


The long awaited fight of the USA and Japan battle robots is here!

Watch these short videos of the challenge and the duel below....


Twitter plans to introduce new rules for the community designed to stop non-consensual nudity, unwanted sexual advances, and calls for violence from circulating on the platform.

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Almost everything in life is switching over to digital! If you haven't caught the bug yet, well the future will be harder for you meandering through life basically. And a very..

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Do you know that you can actually automate how you control appliances plugged into socket outlets in your house? There are... 

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