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MONDRAIM Contractors Ltd is a company with strong presence in the field of Information and Communications Technology service delivery and Human Capital Development. She has a strong bias in the following areas of technology:

Human Capital Development (Training)

Information Technology (Networking/Database Administration)

Alternative Energy/Back-up Systems (Inverters & Solar Energy panels)

Medical Engineering and Lab equipment Procurement and Supplies

Our company is an Information Technology Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Firm. We provide B2B professional services to small and medium scale enterprises, corporate organizations, government agencies, NGOs and also individual clientele. We have carved a niche in our areas of core business offerings.

It is our policy to exceed our clients' expectations by providing quality services, which not only meets statutory, technical and contractual requirements but are also quality consistent; being fully committed to the technological details and processes required for growth, optimizing local content in all aspects of our business activities and leveraging the competence and expertise of our staff  to deliver world class PROJECT solutions.

Mondraim Contractors Ltd. is an equal opportunity employer of labor, engaging the services of the best quality talent to join our team on a temporary or permanent contract.

OUR MISSION is to create wealth which becomes a commonwealth through innovative, customer-oriented services in Engineering, Science and Technology using the long run strategy of training with the aim of improving the total quality of the human environment.

OUR VISION: To provide world class technological services in every environment we find ourselves, while using training and human resource development to create enormous wealth which becomes a commonwealth..

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  • The Company is highly involved in skill-based training. It is our major strength and part of our corporate mission to train Individuals/Groups, Staff of corporate organizations, State-wide/ community empowerment schemes in the following Information Technology areas:


     Networking Technology (Cisco Networking, Technical Support)

     Web development and Graphic Design

     Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses


     Computer hardware integration and Infrastructure

     Database Administration and Management (PHP, MySQL, Oracle)

     Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)



To master the craft of mobile phones and tablets repairs commands a tremendous power for you to make money. Fixing

mobile phones is a specialized technical knowledge area. Being a master, an expert at your job and be among the distinguished top earning “tech-entrepreneur” through managing a successful support service center demands that you are well grounded in the relevant knowledge, technical details and smart-skills (the total package) involved. This book is the answer to that need. Chapter by chapter, you will go from a complete novice in technical skills and knowledge to one that can begin to earn a decent wage the moment you finish walking yourself through the pages of this book.

Part 1 of the book begins with chapter 1 “Introduction to Mobile Communication Technology” which summarizes and introduces you to the concepts of a communication system along the context of mobile communication, the various implemented technologies and standards as well as the physical attributes and features of a mobile phone.

Chapter 1 is followed by chapter 2 which walks you through a visual understanding of the internal structure and components of mobile phones and devices.

Chapter 3 shows you briefly the various tools and equipment you will require on the job and ends the first part of the book. The second part of the book begins with chapter 4 where you are taught the specific practical skills you will be applying daily on the job using the tools and equipment you have been shown in chapter 3.

Chapter 5 introduces you to hardware repairs. Everything that relates to mobile phone motherboards, its components, their interconnections and structure is discussed in details. You need to absorb the information in this chapter for all it is worth. 

Chapter 6 is one of the longest chapters in the book as it is a foundational course on electronics. The chapter fills you in on the relevant perspectives needed for purposeful work in the field. Attempt is made to bring new entrants to technical service to speed as well as direct the attention of students and professionals to ways the knowledge acquired or being refreshed in this book could be turned into practical economic value in offering technical services.

Chapter 7, “Hardware Faults, Faults Detection and Repair Procedures” launches the reader into a step-by-step guide to repairs, applying in tow, skills and knowledge gained in the previous chapters.

Part 3 of the book which focuses on software repairs opens with chapter 8. In this chapter, you are introduced to concepts on software, software repairs and software repair tools guide. The information in this chapter will prepare you for the task ahead in an organized fashion, eliminating the confusion that faces new entrants to software flash programming given the overwhelming volume of resources that abound.

Chapter 9 continues with software but delves into software repair procedures proper, empowering you with knowledge which you can apply instantly with certain useful free software even if you have no money to buy proprietary ones. Chapter 10 teaches you a number of settings and codes related information which is very helpful to start earning money quickly.

Finally, chapter 11 completes the course for you by teaching you practical entrepreneurial guides that would see you launching into the business, avoid the pitfalls of others before you and make it to the top faster.

 Everything taught in this book has been practiced in a teaching environment and the impact has been tremendous.


To get it directly in Nigeria, Visit The Bookseller bookshops @ N7000 ONLY

Abuja: Ground Floor City Plaza 7 Rubuka Close Off Nkwere Street, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki II. Telephone: 07037504083, 08033110679

Ibadan: Booksellers, 52 Magazine Road, Jericho, Ibadan. 08033229113 

Lagos: 2, Oweh Street, Yaba, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria




0 #6 visit the website 2017-11-09 04:59
I like the valuable information you provide in your
articles. I'll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently.
I am quite sure I'll learn many new stuff right
here! Best of luck for the next!
0 #5 Igwe 2017-10-15 09:58
3The images are ok but wud have loved for it to be colour pictures. Very helpful but expected more details on s about more number of flash boxes.

I have started doing hardware repairs small small. Hope to do more of software Repairs as money comes and I buy boxes
0 #4 Datfynboy 2017-10-15 09:52
Admin no be everybody get Kindle reader nah

If you can, my advise is to get the paperback book. I first bought the kindle eBook edition but later discovered it was scaled down without one chapter in the paperback book. The chapter on Electronics. That's the most important chapter for me because I came from the arts background. Now i fix both phones and other electronic devices. Great book. Although with that electronics background you can fix anything but hoping the author will follow up with new editions later
0 #3 Admin 2017-10-15 09:45
Quoting Godswill:
Me na beg I De beg for we students. Abeg reduce price make we fit buy. One of my friends wey get am say na him secret be that as e no de go house again go find money for school

Price has dropped. Also there's the eBook edition which is cheaper
0 #2 Godswill 2017-10-15 09:44
Me na beg I De beg for we students. Abeg reduce price make we fit buy. One of my friends wey get am say na him secret be that as e no de go house again go find money for school
0 #1 Ade 2017-10-15 09:39
Great book. I own a copy and it started my workshop for me. I was actually learning at computer village but couldn't get the confidence and in depth understanding of the principles behind what I was seeing the guys do. But after I got this book, I was really grateful. Now other dey being phones to me.

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